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Conditions of ferry reservation

When accepting an order, the POL-AGENT company makes a reservation for the indicated ferry and takes on the obligation of ferry cost payment to the shipowner.


Reservation orders can be submitted 24 hours a day through our website on the "Online reservations" page, or by fax to number 091 3216293 (order form can be found in the "For download” section), or through e-mail at the following address:
Many shipowners set freight rates per each started running meter of vehicle length, therefore please record the exact vehicle length with cargo when sending the reservation order of ferry space. This is particularly important for Unity Line ferries, where for example a car with a length of 6.30 meters is charged for 7 m of length.
New customers are asked to send a copy of company documents (the certificate of entry into the Business Activity Register or current excerpt from the National Court Register, the Tax Identification Number certificate, the National Business Registry Number (REGON) certificate).
We accept the following forms of payment:
  1. Cash transfer with delayed payment (only for customers who have signed an agreement with POL-AGENT).
  2. Pre-payment onto our account (pro forma invoice with the specified amount due and bank account information will be sent to the fax number or email indicated in the order; payment confirmation should be sent to: or by fax to 091/321 62 93).
  3. Payment in cash directly at our company’s cashier (only for booking ferries from Świnoujście).
All reservations are confirmed in writing. In the event of lack of space for a particular departure or unexpected changes in schedules, we consult with the client each time whether it is possible to transfer reservations to another more convenient, from the customer’s standpoint, ferry departure.
Oversized cargo and vehicles
Oversized cargo and/or vehicles (of abnormal size or weight) must be reported in advance (at least 48 hours before planned ferry departure). In order to determine the technical feasibility of loading a vehicle with an oversize cargo, please fill in and submit the abnormal cargo declaration form.
Dangerous cargo (ADR/IMDB)
Vehicles carrying dangerous cargo (ADR/IMDG) should be reported in advance (at least 48 hours before planned ferry departure). In the case of dangerous cargo, the client is obligated to provide documentation of cargo - in particular the declaration of dangerous cargo.
In the case of declared long-term cooperation, there is the possibility to enter into a contract specifically governing the conditions for such cooperation - including rates and terms of payment for making reservations.